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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apple's CEO said I phone is made based on korean's product and technology

Apple's CEO tim cook said, smartphone is nothing special. there are a lot of IT products that disappeared without success and weren't be able to be globalized in Korea, smartphone is made by assembling those korean products and analizing on those.

My thought: Apple claims samsung copied their product, but actually it was apple
that copied korean's products. not only for the iphone, but also for the i-pod player, MP3 is invented by small korean company called i-river and that small sized korean company made far better quality mp3 player than ipod is, but Apple copied from i-river and made a i-pod player, which is a very cheap quality mp3 player that looks like it's made by chinese company and dominated mp3 player market with that cheap quality mp3 player called I-pod in the US successfully just because they have far better marketing knowledge of the US market than i-river as a american company. success in the US eventually lead to success in other countries in the world. my conclusion is apple is the copy cat of Korean company and do nothing more than selling korean technologies to the US which don't have that technologies, taking advantage of the fact they can conquer american market more comfortably because it's their country. so apple don't complain samsung copied the design of iphone, which is nothing more than square.

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