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Sunday, January 29, 2012

you should normally ask 3 times of medical expanses from a insurance company when you get hit by a car

Ask for 3 times your medical bills (disregard insurance) plus lost wages. That is the standard formula for an out-of-court settlement. If you are still getting medical attention, wait until you are better before you agree to anything.

(2): Doesn't matter what you pay out of pocket. Calculate based on the full cost of your medical bills. Doesn't matter if you get sick or vacation pay from your job, every day off because of the accident counts towards lost wages. That's the formula. If you have $2K in medical bills and you lost a week of work and you earn $1K/week, tell that to the driver's insurance company. Then ask them for $7,500 (500 extra for good measure). You don't need to account for the total $ you ask for--just ask for it and tell them how rotten you still feel. They'll pay you to go away and leave them alone and not sue.
used to work in a PI law firm

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