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Monday, December 26, 2011

north africans are white people

  • @The1987pincer It seems strange how the un-naturals spam other peoples videos without a piece of evidence to back up their claims
  • The true indigenous people of North africa before the advance of whites so called berbers from Near East described by historians are afro looking people and were knowned by names as: ADYRMACHIDAE ,
    The egyptians historians used to call the army of Phoenicians ETHIOPIANS
    After being persucuted and murdered by the whites colonnies, the Blacks and mixed people fled south to the sahara
  • @djiljilala I know i state that no white people are native there is no mention even by europeans who were being ruled by africans of white berbers, berber means royal blood most of the whites in north africa as this videos states are decendants of slaves and european colonists who are pretending to be natives.
  • do you know what meandwot your full of shit, and i am not going to ruin my time by talking to you and try talking some sense in to you, i know my history, who i am, who my ancestors are and what great civilizations they have build and helped build.
    you just be proud of your ancestors in america that battled for their freedom and gave you the chance to say this bullcrap that you are spreading here on the internet.
    may you find the truth, that there is no difference between black and white.
  • @awayger lmao you see you didnt know i had this sort of proof il make more videos soon but you see my proof. Im not american idiot either but ateast i know most of the blacks in america are natives. There are big differences between are races do not compare the children of the sun to the children of the caves are natures are different are bodies are different and are history is completely different.
  • the Iketamiyen or Ketama, where white/tanned not black their name is not ketami , that is the way the arabs called them , after the word Yaktim in arabic which means "keeps a secret". read about the Fatimiyeen Dynasty.
    in morocco at the rif mountains whe still have a area called KETAMA and their people iketamiyen and they are Tanned people not black.
    most negroids in morocco speak arabic and do not identify themselfs as berbers, while the white berbers are the one fighting for our excistence.
  • @awayger No i am showing the original names also most blacks in morocco do class themself as berbers in case you have not noticed there are many black berbers on youtube. need not tell you how great a hardship it was for a young princess and her mother to be made slaves and carried to Morocco. You may easily imagine what we must have suffered on board a corsair. My mother was still extremely handsome, our maids of honor, and even our common waiting-women,
  • @meandwot
    in percentage black berbers are small minority,
    riff berbers tanned/white are with 4,6 milion at least
    atlas berbers tanned/white are with 8,2 milion at least
    sous berbers tanned/white are with 10 milion at least
    and not to forget almost 16 milion white/tanned berbers from algeria, libia , tunis and egypt.
    while dark coloured berbers are not more than 6 milion in total over all of north and west africa. whom the tuareg are good for 5,7 milion.
  • @awayger Blah Blah Blah stop talking after the natives have been killed, forced out of there lands and there lands colonised understand the world has changed idiot. Also theres more than 6million housa moors alone so dont know were you got your facts from then you have the moors who were forced out of europe taken to parts of jamaica, hati and america. Anyway show me cases of people meeting white north africans show me the greek or roman accounts of white north africans we deal with facts here.
  • @meandwot
    easy huhh offending people.
    as for the proof
    go to mathildas antropolgy blog and you find enuf proof.
    by the way dont answer , this is my last message here.
  • @awayger No sooner were we landed than a party of blacks, of a contrary faction to that of my captain, came to rob him of his booty. Next to the money and jewels, we were the most valuable things he had. I witnessed on this occasion such a battle as you never beheld in your cold European climates. The northern nations have not that fermentation in their blood, nor that raging lust for women that is so common in Africa.
  • @awayger The natives of Europe seem to have their veins filled with milk only; but fire and vitriol circulate in those of the inhabitants of Mount Atlas and the neighboring provinces. Look i will continue to use the italian womens diary there is no doubt as to who a moor was to her maybe you should read the book the moors after spain or better yet watch a bbc show if you can watch english tv called the moors in europe look up queen sophia charllotte the mixed raced queen of england.
  • @awayger The Micatani were also called Ukutameni and Khethim by Josephus. In later writings they are called Ketama Berbers. The name Maketa or Imakitan remains a name for the eastern branches of the Tuareg. White people were thaught of as nothing more than slaves and animals read the moorish accounts of europeans who were known as barbarians.I speak of Africa and Golden Joys.” William Shakespeare:English playwright and literary giant. Play:” Henry IV,vol iii
  • @awayger 1stt c. A.D. – “Diodorus Siculus speaks in reference to the expedition of Agathocles a Sardinian general, of three Libyan tribes on the coast of Tunisia, the Micatani and Zufoni (see Zafan ),who were nomads and the Asfodelodi, who by the color of their skin resembled the Ethiopians” , p. 50 The Mediterranean Race Book XX, 38, 57 Guiseppe Sergi, 1901.
  • those three pictures,
    picture nr.1 black and white picture , tanned is always black even spaniards looked black.
    picture nr. 2 is a drawing and not a picture and is the imagination of the europeans.
    picture nr 3, same story as picture nr,2
    and the ottomans never ruled the rif area
    and the berber tribes of the rif are still the same for already 1700 years
    the ait wayageher (my tribe) is in the core of the rif and no body since the 15th century ruled our land except whe self.
    dont lie.
  • @awayger First of all spanish are so dark because of how dark they are the riffians the pics i showed were all of black people. The turks have always been in north and north east africa since bce they were a slave army from central asia learn the history of the turks. 1stt c. A.D. – “Diodorus Siculus used the term eithiopian to describe the native north africans not one person met a white north african you are fakes now pretending to be people who enslaved you we know who you are.
  • @awayger 1st -2nd century – Juvenal, the Roman writer in his Satire V. 53 referred to “a Gaetulian, as a black a Moor “so black you’d rather not see him at midnight”.. Found in Madan’s translation of Juvenal, vol. I by J. Vincent published at Oxford.
  • @meandwot
    Gaetulians are desert berbers who lived in the area of souther middle algeria today, so it is possible that they where black , like tuaregs are who live in the same area today.
    but those pictures i where describing are of riffians and whe riffians of north morocco are not black and never been black.
    don''t change the subject, berbers are in diffrent colors to find.
  • @awayger The riffians were black just like every other berber tribe this is a fact you can even find accounts from the 16th century in britian as the riffians took part in slave raids on england they are described as black those pictures are of riffians and morocco means land of the blacks by the way so any non-black is not native. Same for all of africa because africa is a black continent even the mixed up arabs know they are not native and say arab is not a race but it is.
  • @meandwot
    pictures didn't excist in the 16 century
    arabs are darker than modern day berbers so how can dark+black= white
    you are full of nonsense do you know that.
  • @awayger What are you on about original arabs were black and still are the majority on arabia original berbers were and are black they are all black anyone who is not black in africa is not native. fair-skinned Arab is something inconceivable… “ Ibn Abd Rabbu of Cordoba born 9thc. in El Iqd el Farid (The Precious Necklace), quoting Shuraik el-Qadi a 7th century Arab of the clan of Nakha’l of the Maddhij in the Yemen.
  • @awayger Numidia was another great Black Berber nation in Northern Algeria during the time of the Romans. The kingdom existed between the 3rd to the 1st century B.C and it consisted of Black Africans. One of the most famous Berber/Moors of the Roman times was Masinissa the king of Numidia (238-148 BCE) who assisted the Romans against the Carthegians during the Punic wars. The coin depictions and statutes of king Masinissa confirm without doubt, that this great Berber leader
  • @meandwot
    numidia black ????
    oke now i know you are crazy and must be put in a kukuk-house.
    numidia black !!!!!!!!!!
  • @awayger The numidia were black they are now extinct like the original riffians like the Masmuda, Sanhaja, Ketama Zenata and Nafusa are described as dark reddish brown like the “Indi’ or as “blacks” or Ethiopians in early documents. You are just a european colonist some french man or a decendant of a slave who now pretends to be native it is sad.
  • @meandwot
    the french and spanish didn;t enter the rif only in 1919 and the rif wasn't conquered only in the 1927 and the riffians fought against both, and before that the rif was in morocco known as blad-siba or the land of the lions, because no one ruled over it, even not the sultan of morocco and the ottomans where destroyed at the river moulouya 2 times.
    so there are no turks
    there are no spanishs
    there are no french
    there are some arabs
    your theory is broken
  • @awayger Lmao europeans have been in morroco since 1590 what are you on about the british were asked by morrocans to help invade west africa which had never been conquered. Morocco means land of the blacks for the record at least check your facts. Also your little racist rants have all ready been proven fake use actual sources not no white washed white power stupidness this is basic stuff yet you try to argue by useing made up stuff
  • @awayger And what was the life of these poor captives carried into slavery among the Barbary rovers? Let us suppose ourselves on board an Algerine galley returning home after a successful cruise. She is going merrily over the sea under oar and sail. The oars are pulled by Christian slaves, meagre, half-starved, sun-tanned wretches, with at best no more than a few rags to cover them, and urged to their work by the boatswains.
  • @awayger The latter walk along a narrow gangway running up the waist of the galley, and from it they can reach easily to the oar benches on either side. Each boatswain is armed with a heavy whip, and uses it without mercy. Look at the great weals and the fresh, blood-stained marks on the naked backs of the oarsmen! Let one but falter an instant at his heavy task, and the boatswain lashes him furiously or gives him a savage prod with the sharp spike which is set in the end of the whip handle.
  • @awayger No slave may resist this cruelty, even if he dared, for he is fast chained to the rowing bench and is utterly helpless. Captives of the Corsairs But the pale-faced captives look forward with no such joyous hope. Every beat of the oars carries them so much the nearer to the land where they must live in slavery. The shore now rises fast, and they see a rocky promontory which shines white in the sun.
  • @awayger had more charms than were to be found in all Africa. As to myself, I was enchanting; I was beauty itself, and then I had my virginity. But, alas! I did not retain it long; this precious flower, which had been reserved for the lovely prince of Massa Carara, was cropped by the captain of the Moorish vessel, who was a hideous negro, and thought he did me infinite honor. Indeed, both the princess of Palestrina and myself must have had very strong constitutions
  • @awayger to undergo all the hardships and violences we suffered before our arrival at Morocco. But I will not detain you any longer with such common things; they are hardly worth mentioning. Thats from a journal of an italian woman taken to morocco theres no mistake as to who the moors were to her
  • @awayger , the king of the Moors was phenotypically a Black African man with wooly hair (similar to the West African type). Syphax, king of the Masaeisylians in Numidia, a contemporary and great rival of king Masanissa, was also depicted in his coinage as a phenotypically Black African.
  • @meandwot
    hahahah Syphax black.
    alright listen dear meandwot listen to me.
    you said in video of your that arabs are black
    and you said that the original berbers are black
    and now you say that the white berbers are a mix between those two, ahhahahahaha where is you logic man,
    plus the gene that produces the melanine in your skin is stronger at a black human being than in a white human that means that if my ancestors where black that i must be black or creool at least but we berbers are not.
  • @awayger The Roman ruler Claudian spoke concerning Gildo, the “Moorish” ruler of Africa and treatment of Roman women from the Levant by this North African chief and his countrymen: 4th century – Claudian wrote, “ when tired of each noblest matron Gildo hands her over to the Moors. These Sidonian mothers, married in Carthage city must needs mate with barbarians. He thrusts upon me an Ethiopian as a son-in law, a Berber as a husband.
  • @awayger The hideous hybrid affrights its cradle.” Claudian, by Claudius Claudianus, translation by Maurice Platnauer, Published by G.P. Putnam’s sons, 1922 p. 113. (Gildo was brother to other Berber chiefs Firmus and Maseczel. Gildo is related to Aguellid or Galdi which remains the modern Tuarek word for chief. Masek, Amazigh ot Imoshagh was the name for the ancient and modern Tuareg clans in general. The Mezikes tribes were called “Ethiopians” in a Roman text of the time. ) This is fact
  • @meandwot
    don't try to teach me my language Aguelid or Azejith in my dialect is king and not chief.
    plus the mezikes again lived in modern day libia and south tunis and they where not called ethiopians,
    again you have nothing on the RIFFIANS. and as i said berber are found in many shapes and colors you afrocentrist fairytales are rubbish to us.
  • @awayger Lmao no i am right although due to colonisation certain things have changed. I showed an account stateing they were called eithiopian this is from the romans how can you argue with an eye witness. Show me an account of a white north african. In his book The Destruction of Black Civilization, Chancellor Williams declared that Libya was once so nearly all-black that to be called a Libyan meant that one was Black.(See Chancellor Williams, The Destruction of Black Civilization p. 112).
  • @elmateeeo White people are pink really an evil set of genocidal war mongering souless people. Black people came from chimps when you find me the missing link then come with that stupidness black people were made in the image of God this is fact we are the 1st people the chosen people Title: "Whites Genetically Weaker Than Blacks, Study Finds"
    SOURCE: Fox News
    DATE: Friday, February 22, 2008
    WEBSITE: htt p :/ /ww w . foxnews . com /story/0,2933,331949,00 . htm
    facts show you are inferior
  • @elmateeeo Racist its racist for you to sit there and try and claim what my people did its racist for you try and over look the genocide of the natives do not call me racist for takeing a stand on stupidness your people flood the world with. We are original made in the image of God perfection not no genetic defect some disease spreader a cancer just like cancer both are pale. White people had no advancement in the ancient world grow up peace you did not come with an argument so pink mutant go
  • @elmateeeo This is the funny thing i come with facts you come with stupidness pink mutant your a genetic defect your a freak you are not african you are not anything. Infact your next comment come with an argument or il block you egyot was black there are still millions there your pale evil race and the bastards of history the sand monkey arabs never killed them off stop pretending to be black people its pathetic you are white
  • @xspardax1 ok the hermetic texts read the egyptian hermetic texts. lmao every painting they drew berbers as lightskinned how much paintings did the egyptians do then please state this as the only painting that i have seen of a white north africa is huh none the best you have is immigrants. Egypt was black you idiot this video talks about the genocide of the native north africans this is fact and egypt is 18% black
  • @xspardax1 the Micatani and Zufoni (see Zafan ),who were nomads and the Asfodelodi, who by the color of their skin resembled the Ethiopians , p. 50 The Mediterranean Race Book XX, 38, 57 Guiseppe Sergi, 1901. Read how the romans and greeks described north africa aswell
  • @xspardax1 No ancient egyptians stated north african berbers were black on there walls on an updated painting it states white people were moving into east libya as immigrants this was most likely before a war. Its one thing seeing a painting but dont ignore what the writting says. 1stt c. A.D. Diodorus Siculus speaks in reference to the expedition of Agathocles a Sardinian general, of three Libyan tribes on the coast of Tunisia,
  • @meandwot prove that!, u only have ur lies we have our proves look at how the ancient Egyptians painted their libyan enemies,come to Libya and see how roman painted the local Libyans ,believe me even right now the libyan amazighs are lighter than the Libyan Arabs, i dont care about how libya looked like 10000bc but at least since the beginning of civilization wa inhibited by Caucasians(brown)!.
  • @xspardax1 showing your stupidity again the egyptians state white people were colonizing east libya thats all and its not even the original its an updated painting. Infact white people have never created a civilization you only steal and destroy. Herodotus (the Greek historian), writing about Libya in his Histories, (Book Four) stated as follows: One thing I can add about this country: so far as one knows, it is inhabited by four races, and four only, of which two are indigenous and two are not.
  • @xspardax1 The indigenous peoples are the Libyans and Ethiopians, the former occupying the northerly and the latter the more southerly parts; the immigrants are the Phoenicians and the Greeks. You now have the greeks and romans stateing libya was black grow up you are decendants of mass murderers you and the mongrel arabs do not belong in north africa and north east africa aka arabia africa for africans black people
  • @xspardax1 1stt c. A.D. Diodorus Siculus speaks in reference to the expedition of Agathocles a Sardinian general, of three Libyan tribes on the coast of Tunisia, the Micatani and Zufoni (see Zafan ),who were nomads and the Asfodelodi, who by the color of their skin resembled the Ethiopians , p. 50 The Mediterranean Race Book XX, 38, 57 Guiseppe Sergi, 1901.
  • @themrmaynee123 So many accounts so why did the romans call the native north africans eithiopians also the term moor means black so again check your facts i am not racist i will just not let the decendants of genocidal maniacs claim the history of my people. You are not no arab you are not no berber you are not no egyptian you are nothing and its about time you realised that
  • @meandwot
    the romans didn't call us ethiopians but mauri or numidian or african,
    the greeks called us lybians, and yes the Aethiopie where black but that are the sudanees people and not us berbers.
    meandwot go and steal some else his history ,i will make a suggestion the chinees and japanees maybe you are connected to them !!!!!
  • @awayger There is no such thing as white berbers. On the Libyo Berbers called – Gaetules or Jeddala
    The Gaitules were the most populous of the Libyan tribes of Strabo’s time (1st century AD). Josephus claimed they were descended from Havilah or the Avalioi who he says children of Kush child of Ham.
    I know history incase you have not noticed but its africa a black continent now you have nomads in africa who rightfully own north africa you also have refugees like the housas
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