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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jesus is NOT a copy from Pagan religions! Those are lies! Do research and do not believe!

Mithra was NOT born of a virgin like Jesus, he was born from a ROCK!

It is true that December 25 is a Pagan thing for the solstice, BUT, Jesus could NOT be born in the winter if you read The Bible...

Krishna was NEVER pronounced "Chrishta" and was NOT resurrected! You can read the Hindu scriptures themselves for proof!

As for the story of Horus, he was NOT the only son of God... And his story does NOT mimic's Jesus...

As for the Greek God Attis, the stories about him being resurrected came AFTER Jesus.

Justin Martyr even admitted that the Pagans were COPYING stories of Christianity and they were NOT there before...

They created these stories to create and opposition against Christianity...

By the way, do you know what the word opposition means in Hebrew!? SATAN!

By the way, the lady that created Zeitgeist is a Satanist wanting to get rid of Christianity and create a Utopian world. Doesn't that story sound familiar like the book of revelations?

What do you think of this? Can anyone refute this refutation! You be the Judge!

I have talked crap about the Jesus story because I didn't actually do research and just believed Zeitgeist! Please if you can disprove what I said, otherwise the evidence stands that the Pagans ADDED Christian like storied AFTER Christianity was...

You know how they say that the bible says that the world is flat?

It does NOT! The world "Earth" also simply meant "Land", it was not a reference to the planet but the nations or the lands!

Also, JESUS CHRIST said that no one has went to heaven but him, so what about Elijah?

Elijah ascended up to the sky NOT heaven! The word for heaven was not used there.

Christian Apologetics are making me think that maybe Jesus is true... What do you think?

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