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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to make your skin white permanently?

The only way to ensure that you have absolutely white skin permanently is to die or live forever underground with no contact with the outside air or light.
Skin is not white, it is essentially pink with the outer layer going various shades of brown depending on your genetics, location and health. That outer layers is about as thin as a piece of paper and yet that microscopic layer seems to be so much more important than the all the layers and lumps that make up the whole of the rest of a person.
As we grow and age our skin carries the marks and lines of our life and experience. I am caucasian with an olive skin that tans easily; when I was young I used to work hard at getting as brown as I could - I now know that this is not the most sensible thing for my skin. Because I live in a hot country (Australia) I am exposed to the sun and so I am more or less permanently tanned on the arms, face and legs but I use a lot more sunscreen than I used to.
My sister has fairer skin and spent more time red and peeling than I did yet we came from the same parents.
As I look at my skin now I can see the beginning of the same age spots I used to see on my mother and grandmother. I seem to 'cut' more easily than I when I was younger so I have more scars that seem to take longer to heal and of course the odd wrinkle is making its way into the mirror!
But no matter whether I am pink, brown or anything in between I am still me and all my friends of different hues are still my friends and it is the person inside that I know and love.
If I ever met anyone who judged me solely on the colour of my skin or my looks then I don't think I would want to know them anyway.
So I would suggest that you don't worry about wanting to make your skin white or any other colour but that you spend time making sure you eat good food, drink lots of water and keep fit - that way you will exude health and vitality and people will be drawn to you. Then all you have to do is be interesting and interested and you will have friends for life.

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