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Monday, October 31, 2011

2 simple traditional methods of stopping hiccups

By Lee Seung-joon

Hiccups are caused by sudden squeezing of the diaphragm which is the membrane that separates the chest from the abdomen and it is the muscle that allows humans to breathe in and out.

Each hiccup is followed by a snap shut of a vocal cord producing the high pitch sound. Having hiccups is neither fatal nor serious problem; however, it certainly can be annoying after awhile. According to, there are two effective ways of stopping hiccups.

1. Pressure on the upper eye socket

When you place your thumb on the top of the eye socket, there’s a small hole that’s called, “supraorbital notch.” In the notch, it has a nerve running through it. When the hiccups get unbearable, Oriental medicinal doctors advise to pull the head down and put pressure on the nerve with thumbs for two to four minutes.

2. Put pressure on the median nerve

When you flex your wrist, you should able to find a distinguishable line. The pressure point is five to six centimeters below the center of the wrist; it has a median nerve running through the spot. Many people found themselves stopping hiccups in a minute. Putting pressure on the spot is even effective to those who are feeling discomfort in the stomach and ease the pain. Because the exercise is non-invasive and simple, even pregnant women can do this.

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