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Friday, June 7, 2013

Tennis Organizers fix everything for Arrogant Nadal

number 5 nadal played in centre court instead of nadal in french open 2013
06/07/2013 | 11:58 PM
Don't understand why the organizers scheduled the Djoko-Nadal match before the Ferrer-Tsonga match? In fact, they played in the reverse order till the QF. Also they normally schedule the blockbuster SF later, right? This hot, dry conditions definitely favored Nadal. Not sure how things would've gone had they played the evening SF. Anyway now Nadal can thank the organizers whom he blamed last week...
06/08/2013 | 01:51 AM
Also they refused to water the slippery dry court which Djoko requested the umpire many times. He seems to be very unhappy about that...

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