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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Italians are darker than mexicans

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Why are southern italians darker than most mexicans?

I traveled around south italy with my family and most people were pretty dark. When I was in Guadalajara, Mexico I ocasionally saw some one with blue eyes and blonde hair (naturally) and in general there were a lot of light people in that part of Mexico, why is this? Aren't italians supossed to be white?

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Italians are White-just because they have darker skin, hair and eye color than most Northern Europeans doesnt make them any less White. Mexican is not a race, its a nationality so therefore you can have White Mexicans, Mixed Mexicans or Indiginous Mexicans. Both the Southern Italians and perhaps some of the light skinned Mexicans you saw are considered racially White.
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    Sicilians tend to be dark skinned/dark eyed/dark haired. Partly because around the 9th century, Sicily was invaded by the Moors, who interbred with the population. Italians are Caucasians. My mother-in-law was Sicilian, and she was very dark skinned. Northern Italians tend to be lighter skinned/lighter eyed/lighter hair.
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  • cicilians have blacked mixed in them from centuries ago, thats why they had problems with discrimination from other i talian, and they didnt even speak italian as an official language until about 300 years ago

    I have heard this from quite a few cicilians, and it also can be found on wikipedia

    sicilians are mixed with black what do you think th demographic make-up of the moors was

    look up African Dispora and see the truth
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  • Italians are darker especially those from Sicily because they were invaded and occupied for over a 100 years by Muslim Moors over 800 years ago. Moors were a Arab Berber people with dark and lite skin. Italians are not mixed with black African blood this is not true.
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  • My husband was a blond haired & blue eyes Italian... His Grandfather came from Northern Italy.. Grandfather explained the light hair and eyes were also contributed by the Germans in WWII.
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  • The mexicans have nothern spanish blood which allows for blondes. There are italain blondes. And you said most not some. I can't see the value in this retarded question.
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  • Do u know the tanning?
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