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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anatolians are Greek

By the time Alexander the Great came to the throne, Western Analotia had been Greek for for over 8 centuries in religion,culture etc Hittites no longer existed.

What has happened to you DNA hunter, is you came on these boards full of Turkish education, people informed you what the Turks Ottomans did, atrocities, ethnic cleansing, racism to minorities like christians etc You denied it. As more and more people proved that was the case, you attempted to defend 'Ottoman honour' by saying the Romans and Alexander the Great were just as bad as the ottomans as some sort of counter, even though no one was talking about them. When people then proved that you are new to the region compared to Greeks and Armenians, you invented that the Greeks force converted ancient Anatolians to the Olympian Religion and took their homes! :nuts: :nuts: the descendants of all the ancient tribes of western anatolia had been Greek and self identified as Greeks for 2600 years before the Turks even came to Europe! Why does that hurt you? Do you actually believe a few Hittites 1200BC refused to learn Greek, kept their ancient ways, did not mix with any Greek around them for 2600 years, hid in a cave so no one knew they existed, and then emerged from isolation and had sex with a Turk in 1600 AD and you are a descendant of that union?

When this was disproved, you are now saying Alexander the Great killed many asians in central asia as again some bizarre counter.

I do not blame you for all this shit, I blame the liberal left on these boards who have allowed you to invent history to defend the ottoman empire.

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