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Monday, June 24, 2013

Karlovic is the greatest and fastest server of all time

 Fedor Emelianenko Fedor Emelianenko
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Karlovic holds ALL service records?
not fair that he is not recognized as such. he is the greatest server of all time.

78 aces in a match. mahut and isner have 103 and 113 aces, but this was in the longest match ever.

Karlovic set records first with 51, then 54 and finally 78!

Roddick`s fastest serve was beaten by Karlovic with 156. Roddick`s was 155. Meanwhile Montenegrin Raonic got a 153.3.

Again Groth appears first tho. with a highly questionable 163 that ATP does not recognize (rightfully so).

Karlovic also has the fastest second serve.

Karlovic has 1318 aces in a season, second-best next to fellow Croatian`s Ivanisevic 1477.

Karlovic, Ivanisevic, Ljubicic, Raonic. All from the same area.

former Yugoslavs are the best!!

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  • If you say so.
    if serving was a Grand Slam title, then we can talk about it. Unfortunately it is only part of the game.
    Among those only one has a GS crown on him - others have no record even been to qtr finals, let alone semis and finals.
  • Yes Karlovic is the greatest and fastest server of all time. such a great player. Jugoslavs are the beasts physically.
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