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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Italians are darker than portuguese

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I'm partly Calabrese, and I would have to say that the Portuguese people are on average lighter than the Calabrese. How much more so? I don't know. But definitely they are lighter, and have a more "western" less "ethnic" look about them. The Calabrese side of my family is on average darker than the Portuguese that I have met. However, when Euro Cup 2008 came around I would see some Portuguese guys in their cars with their flags up. And many of them did have a dark skin, thin faces, dolichocephalic heads, and dark, almost pitch black hair. These types looked almost Maghrebian and looked no less ambiguous than the darker elements amongst the Calabrese. (Yes, fair Calabrese do exist ;) .

All in all, I always thought Coon was a bit ambiguous on this point. Perhaps we should compare Southern Italy by itself and how it would stand up to the others as far as pigmentation.

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