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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Italians are dark and indians are light

Why are the Italians in America way more darker than one's in Italy?

I mean Paulie Malignaggi looks way more Arab or something, than a lot of italians i have seen (who live in italy):…

Are they mixed with other things? I am Indian, (northwest Punjabi):

And see my little brother:…

And he has fairer eyes and skin than a lot of Italian-Americans and please don't say we are mixed (we got blood genetic tests to prove that we are not mixed and we are 100% south asian)

Blue eyes or colored eyes and hair etc are just all because of a genetic defect.

So does anyone know why italian americans are darker?

Additional Details

@ Afnan that is my brother, you can add me on facebook and see the other pictures if you don't believe me.

Mate, I lived in south India they were all rich and they were not good looking you cannot just name actresses etc

why would I lie anyway? I am Indian myself, i would love it if they all looked like that but i am just telling the reality - go and live in south india then tell me

as for the khan's they have always been big in bollywood anyway - but the hindus are just as huge such as hrithik roshan and akshay kumar so what's your point?
3 years ago
Like I said I lived there, buy a plane ticket and visit there and go to the rich areas and schools etc trust me none of them look like that.

And also your bangladeshi so why do you always pretend to be indian? you never ask questions about bangladeshis?
3 years ago
@ Afnan this is a typical middle class - private school in South India - Tamil Nadu and Bangalore:…

So shutup dude and get a reality check
3 years ago

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i am done owning you look at those pictures of REAL italians in italy and tell me they're light.
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Thankyou, for the information and that Afnan guy is an idiot lol, he is not even Indian and he pretends to be - he is actually from Bangladesh and he has wide facial features and big lips etc, so I don't see what his problem is
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  • Because they either over tan, use a spray on or fry in the tanning beds.

    Your little brother is adorable by the way.
  • Cause there is more sun you fool!
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    Italian-Americans descend in larger part from people from the far south, especially Sicily and Calabria, where there is heavier Greek and even some Arab/Phoenician ancestry present. However, I disagree that nowadays they're mostly darker because of all the intermarriage with other Europeans (esp. Irish, German, Polish, etc.). However, the average full-blooded Italian-American is more likely to be of Sicilian or Calabrian descent, or elsewhere in the far south, where that stereotypical dark Mediterranean look is more common.

    However, most full-blooded Italian-Americans I know (and I know many) are not particularly dark. The hair and eyes tend to be darker but that's about it. Some can be a bit Middle Eastern-looking at times but not most. The Jersey Shore and other shows are a joke, the people on that show fake bake constantly, and some aren't even Italian by blood at all. My dad's family is all Sicilian and my relatives range from blond and blue-eyed to Arab-looking, with most looking like a standard Southern European.
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