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Monday, June 3, 2013

Muslim(Moor) occupation had such little impact on Iberia (spain and portugal)

I'll tell you why (and this is a repeat) the Muslim occupation had such little impact on Iberia genetically: the Muslim invaders were small in number and, for the most part, did not settle. They were a small ruling minority that controlled only specific parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Muslims didn't dominate for 700 years; nothing near that. In addition, in the end, what remained of this element was eventually expelled. In Portugal, expulsion began in the 1200's and in Spain 250-300 years later. By comparison, the Proto-Celts and Celts settled in large numbers and remained in Iberia for well over 1,000 years. At one time, 75% of Iberia was populated by Celtic tribes. The Germanics, in particular the Visitgoths, Suevi and Buri, also settled and mixed with the local population. However, they amounted to only 400,000 to 500,000 at settlement high point, far less than the Celts.

Indigenous Spaniards and Portuguese are not genetically related or phenotypically similar to North Africans / Arabs for the simple reason that these groups do not comprise part of the Iberian genetic substratum, i.e., Paleolithic, Proto Celtic, Celtic, Germanic, with some minor Mediterranean influences.

Time to give up your childish, disingenuous crusade against Spaniards.

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