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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Actually, the Romans considered themselves separate and superior to "Italians" throughout the Roman Republic and into the beginnings of the Empire. Romans were descended from a prince of Troy.

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Hi are the Romans are they Italians race?

Example, Sparta citizens are Greeks race. What about the Romans? Were they Italians race?

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To cmiln01:

I am a American & yes I did went to school. We study US history. Not Roman you SOB!
5 years ago

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No easy answer to this one, really.

According to legend, a man called Aeneas escaped from Troy after it fell to the Greeks in the Trojan war. He wandered around the Mediterranean for a bit with some Trojan companions, and they eventually settled in Italy and were the ancestors of the Romans. That's the legend the Romans told about their own ancestry (see Virgil's Aeneid). Whether it's true or not I don't know.

Troy is in modern-day Turkey, but since the Turks didn't arrive till more than two thousand years after Aeneas left you can't call him Turkish. I'd just call him Trojan.

At this time there were cities in what's now Italy which were colonies of Greek cities, so were populated by Greeks. Other people living in the Italian peninsula were Etruscans, Sabines, Ligurians, and other tribes. The concept of 'Italy' and 'Italians' only started to develop around the first century BC.

People came to Rome from many different countries - Egypt, Spain, Gaul, the Balkans, Asia Minor, etc etc. Some stayed, some married. By the time the Roman Empire had been going for a few years, this would have resulted in an ethnic mix.
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Wow thank you! I am sorry for my grammar & I am trying to do my best on my English & I am not perfect.
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  • Actually, the Romans considered themselves separate and superior to "Italians" throughout the Roman Republic and into the beginnings of the Empire. Romans were descended from a prince of Troy. Italians were just the locals.

    That distinction began to fade when Gaius Marius began letting commoners serve in the Legions. Instead of requiring that every man in the Legions supply his own equipment and armor, the state took over that burden and thousands of unemployed men who had been barred from military service joined up. Many were Italians. There was a great public scandal when Gaius Marius granted ROMAN citizenship to some of the provincials. SIX Italians out of each legion was granted the honor for their service. SHOCKING!

    Today Romans are Italians. Not so during the Empire.
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  • Yes, you are correct.

    Actually we spoke briefly about this in History class. The majority of Romans considered themselves Italians but Italy was a melting pot of people being the amount of travelers they had going through that region.

    Spanish/Greek/Italian, but it was my understanding they didnt call themselves Italians, they referred to themselves as Romans, (living in the Italy regions).......but, and here is where I always was confused... after the fall of Ceasar people began to drop the term Romans and claimed their hometowns... ie.. Greeks, Spanish, Floratines.....

    at least that is what my History instructor told us ... (college.. sorry... he wasnt a teacher... he was an instrutor... god forbid we called him something different!!)
    Wow.. Im still confused from History class...LMAO
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  • Yes they are, they were at first a mixture of the Sabines and Latiums and the former Etruscans who used to live further to the North in Tuscany. These are Italian Tribes, so it was the Sabines and Latiums who began the Roman City State which became an Empire. The Legend has it that Two Brothers Romulous and Remus Were Suckled Nursed by a She Wolf and they founded Rome.
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  • original romans werent italians but came from greece or so says in the aeneid
    rome is like the US except on a smaller scale, a salad bowl of different races and ethnicites
    its also like asking is a mammal a cat... the answer is only in some cases
  • Yes Romans are Italians, though from a more mythical perspective Romans tend to trace their linneage back to Aeneas, who is a Trojan prince who escaped from Troy durring the Greek invasion. Aeneas is the ancestor of Romulus and Remus the mythical founders of Rome.
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  • Spartans are ethnic Greeks, but residents of one of the Greek city-states. The Romans are ethnically Italian. Neither the Greeks or the Romans, ancient or modern, are considered racial groups.


    30+ years a history student; of Greek-Italian descent, among other things...
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  • Rome is in Italy but the Roman empire stretched across Europe and into North Africa. However to call yourself a Roman you had to be from Rome which was in what is now Italy
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  • Since Rome is the capital of Italy, I'd say yes, they are ETHNICALLY Italian. Not racially.
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  • Mostly the rich romans were Etrusks.
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  • Yes, they were from what is now known as Italy.
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  • Honey sorry to be rude but isn't it obvious. Rome is in Italy ...
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  • Yes
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  • err..i'm guessing so seeing as rome is in italy.....
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