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Of course, we're back to the idea that only single digits are of recent Berber origin, certainly not all of the Haplogroup E in Iberia. It's commonly thought (although it has been recently challenged) that most Haplogroup E is older in Europe even than European Haplogroup R1b, including a significant portion of the Haplogroup E in Iberia.

I would also be surprised if ALL of the Berber-type Haplgroup E in Iberia came from the occupation... to me, to suggest such would be like suggesting that people couldn't move across the Straight of Gibraltar until then, which is absurd, of course. The total contribution of that occupation must be in the low-single-digits in terms of percent... present, but small.
Yes, the consensus is that the Muslim invasion had very little genetic impact on Iberia.

The genetic substratum of Spain and Portugal is essentilly Paleolithic, Proto-Celtic, Celtic and Germanic with minor Near Eastern influences. Muslims in Iberia, unlike the Celts and Germanics were not settlers. Big difference.

BTW, the DODECAD and Polako autosomal frequencies show very clearly how overwhelmingly European Iberians are. Spain presently registers ~ 91% Euro, with about 39% W. Euro and N. Euro while Portugal is at 85%, including ~ 38% W. Euro and N. Euro. The difference between the two population groups has to do with much higher Basque frequencies for Spain, which boosts the S. Euro component and a higher (5-6%) NW African affinity in Portugal (mainly S. Portugal).