@Canek: what does it mean that Spaniards are not as European as the other Europeans? Europe is traditionally divided in 4 areas: North West, South West, South East and North East, but genetics have demonstered that this division is not that right. There are various genetic regions in Europe: Italy, the Iberian peninsula, the Balkans, Greece, Russia, Scandinavia, Finland, the British Isles and Germany more or less (and others that I don't remember right now). Every region is as European as the others, but everyone has its own characterists and looks. Some are more similar to each others than others. For exemple Italy-Greece and the Balkans are very much a continuum, while the Iberian Peninsula is more connected to France. Germany and Scandinavia are an other continuum.
But we are all European.
It's possible that the Berber domination left a trace in Spain but Spaniards are very easy to spot among real Berbers.