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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

vietnamese girls usually keeps their virginity until the marriage

MojaveDan answered 7 years ago

As far as I know, Tila Tequila (a.k.a. Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen) has never been to Vietnam in her life. She has spent all but one year of her life living in America. She was born in Singapore and grew up in Texas. For all practical purposes, she is an American and the values she exhibits are American and not Vietnamese.
 If you are suggesting that all Vietnamese girls are "easy", "sluts", "prostitutes" or the liking based on depictions from Vietnam War movies and/or how Tila Tequila depicts herself to the public, then you are being ignorant to say the least and some would consider your question to be inline with being a bigot.
 Contrary to what you seen on Vietnam War movies, Vietnamese society and culture is very conservative when it comes to sex. It is more common for Viet girls to remain a virgin until marriage, which is almost unthinkable in Western society. If Tila Tequila lived in Vietnam, she would be looked down by the public and especially by her family for the way she conducts herself in public. However, the exact opposite happens in Western society.
 For example: A Viet girl who was an actress on the most popular children's T.V. show in Vietnam got caught in the public eye from a video of her and her boyfriend having sex that leaked onto the Internet. Her show was canceled and she was scorned by the Viet media for weeks. By comparison, Paris Hilton's sex video made Paris Hilton even more popular than she was before.
 So don't pigeonhole all Vietnamese girls as being sex craved, bisexuals who prefer prostitution for a living just because you seen a few Vietnam War movies and you're a fan of an American celebrity who has a loose sex life and happens to have Vietnamese parents. After all, not all American men who visit Vietnam are perverts looking to have sex with underage Asian girls.
 I suggest that you stop watching the cr@p reality TV shows that MTV and VH-1 have been producing and start watching something educational that may raise your I.Q. above that of a Neanderthal.

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