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Monday, October 13, 2014

Turkish Food is Greek Food

Athens, Greece
#60 Nov 15, 2011
Gift And a Curse88 wrote:

Modern Turkish food started life in the Sultans kitchens of Topkapi palace.
It was during the rule of the Ottomans that Topkapi palace was built (1466-1478) in the newly conquered
capital (Istanbul) of the Empire by Mehmet II.
The Sultan's always liked new, tasty food to try out and so they sent out their best chefs out to every corner
of the Ottoman Empire to bring back the best dishes that they could.
And so when the cooks came back they set out to perfect and improve the dishes to the best they could be,
ready to be served to the Sultan's.
This all started the competition between the cooks to who could best please their master by preparing special dishes of their own.
The sultan showed pleasure by giving rewards.
And so the Ottoman palace was and still is considered the centre of Ottoman Turkish cooking where the best creative chefs of the
empire were trained to produce the world renown Turkish cuisine of today.
Yes I'm not saying the Ottoman cuisine wasn't great and historical, I'm just saying their not original. Like I said about 4578269587 times, Your cuisine is just copies of Greek cuisine with small changes. I'm not saying it's very bad im just saying it's not original.

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