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Monday, October 13, 2014

Greek Food and Turkish Food are similar because turkish food is greek food

Black sheep answered 3 years ago
I'm Greek and I think Greek and Turkish cuisines look alike because the Ottoman Turks were influenced by Byzantium. However, turkish food is more spicy than ours. In Constantinople (Istanbul), there were great cooks, especially at the palace. The Turks were nomads at first. Then their kitchen evolved. I reckon they might have been influenced by the Arabs too. Greek food has accepted many influences as well. Greece had been under the Ottoman occupation for 400 years ; 600 years in some cases. Nikolaos Tselementes, a Greek chef from Sifnos, introduced French cuisine to the Greeks and he became very influential. Some Greeks say that he destroyed Greek food but, on the contrary, I think he enriched it. However, every region of Greece has many local dishes that don't exist anywhere else and each region has its specialties. Like, for example, in Epirus (Greece) they are specialized in pies. Morocco and Tunisia have very sophisticated meals. But I don't know much about them. Food is a whole story. You have to find a good bibliography about it if you 're interested. And it's not irrelevant to History.

KleanupGuy answered 3 years ago
Greek food is same with Turkish food because they copied the food culture of Greeks. And Arab fpod is like the same because both Turks and Arabs are muslim. These 3 both have Ottoman Food Culture because Ottoman was very very big at it's time and Ottoman has greek and arabic half island in their control. So the food culture is like the same :)         

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