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Thursday, November 7, 2013

most of mestizos look italians

no, its just desperate non-whites who want it to be so... its often done with european Mediterraneans.

you have alot of non-whites with white admixture...INSTEAD of saying they have some white features, that they "look white" where the racial features actually come from.

its the white features of southern europeans that become "non white"... there is a redefinition happening, you see much the same as how mestizos with more spanish admixture also try to describe white spaniards as "looking " hispanic. instead of what it is, that some mestizos look white.

unless a mestizo look like an indiginous native...the ONLY other racial features they would have are white features. but its not seen that way...again, there is a desperation to redefine what white is... to turn white features into being "non white"

look at ignorance displayed as a person tries to describe north africans as being black... caucasians have been in north africa for tens of thousands of years... a desperate fact racists often attempt to avoid. that some racial admixture did occur doesnt matter... north africans are "black" and not mixed or caucasian, so any features they have "cant be white"

following that desperate logic. the white features they DO have, are redefined as being non-white. that those feature came from white southern europeans is not acknowleged...its white southern europeans that become "mixed"

see how that works?;_ylt=AgQdJhaYWQBsiXWLHOPR2MXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20131030163450AAMLgH1

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