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Monday, February 9, 2015

greek make far more and far more complicated philosophies than egypt which greek built comment

+Obeah1221 Well there are few factual half-truths present here. First of all first to establish priesthood was Sumeria, even before Egypt, it's believed it started even before antiquity, in days of late neolithic migrations.

The origins of philosophy can be traced back to the wisdom of early Mesopotamia, which embodied certain philosophies of life, particularly ethics, in the forms of dialectic, dialogues, epic poetry, folklore, hymns, lyrics, prose, and proverbs. First philosopher ever to exist in world's canon is mesopotamian Ptah-hotep.

Also Aethiopia =/= Ethiopia. This map is a good indicator of what Greeks thought to be Aethiopia at one point.

In the real geographical Egypt itself only few great philosophers really studied. Most notably few pre-socratics like Milesian school which was brought there to work on geometry. Classical period of Greek thought (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) had little use of Egypt. Socrates never been there, Plato been there for period of time estimated to be less than 2 weeks and Aristotle was critical of Egypt.

To conclude - if we, like Nietzsche will divide Ancient Greek philosophy in two categories: pre-socratic and classical then we may say that pre-socratics were influenced by Egyptians, yeah to an extent. However classical period in Greek thought doesn't have any use for it. Justification logic of Socrates opposes him against the "emotion as a virtue" Egyptian philosophy.

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