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Sunday, February 22, 2015

egyptians came from greeks

Read history! Ogygia, Egypts older name was inhabited by Athenians that went there after the cataclysm that flooded Attica! It is written down! Define the words Egypt, Nile, Pyramid, Isis, Ammun, Heliopolis, Abydos, Thebes, Horus, and ANYTHING "Egyptian" you can come up with! Even their ancient lingo have the same name as in Greek namely "Demotic" the todays Coptic! Finally the majority of the Pharaoh had green eyes and Rh0- PS Do not use a Greek lexicon!

good to know from Britannica. "Danaus, in Greek legend, son of Belus, king of Egypt, and twin brother of Aegyptus. Driven out of Egypt by his brother, he fled with his 50 daughters (the Danaïds) to Argos, where he became king. Soon thereafter the 50 sons of Aegyptus arrived in Argos, and Danaus was forced to consent to their marriage with his daughters" Naughty Greeks they Changed all names to Greek that happen to bare meaning ONLY in Greek! Did u know that happens ONLY in Greek!
Read Diogenes Laertius! All of it! Not like sentences from Hrdot! If u had red the book, u could read that the priest was 443th in order and spoke directly to Herodotus= EVIDENCE! he said 2-3 priests in a century =100/3=33yrs each! 100/2=50yrs. 50+33=88/2=44yrs! as a middle value. That is 443X44=19.442YEARS! In Laertius is 50 000yrs i wrote that and u cont. to be as ignorant as b4! So shoot the shit, and let us thinking ppl alone! Continue to live in your lies!.-
What 10K yrs ago? 50K undisputed! READ Laertius! "not existing any entity known as "Greek" D u understand THREE (3) cataclysms? R u so BRAIN WASHED! instead of asking to learn! 3 times i wrote that! We r the oldest it's in our mythology! Mythos=mouth! YES it's Greek to! and Logos=word that equals spoken history! When the Yavanas made wars in India (Dionysiaka)? The city Dwarka (Dorakas) sank between 10-25K yrs ago! Dionysus sank the Indians it's in the 13 book i think! wiki that!
In the older days before the rising of Mediterranean, Greeks WALKED to Egypt! We ALWAYS lived in EVERY coast from Caucasus to Med! There are ancient sources about that! NO ethnic groups between them! In every coast there r ancient Greek cities! Greeks (Yunan-Ionia) MEANS COAST! Greeks=Coast People! Dos Egypt have a coast? 3 cataclysms noted backs up our age! U r probably colored or maybe not even Eg.cause Eb LOVES Gr! "do not look like Greeks" What Egyptians u mean, the blacks or the whites?lol

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