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Friday, February 27, 2015

French people are black haired latin people

Crimson Guard Dec 21 2008, 12:00 AM Post #33

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Apr 2, 2008
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Hmm, these funny internet terms, "Western", "Ambiguous" and "Ethnic" reminds me of Morello speak 2003! On what planet are Iberians more "Western" looking than Italians?! In fact most people would have trouble telling them apart,same with the French. Heck all three countries share the same Phenotypes. 

BTW, that youtube is of poor picture quality, but it still doesnt show anybody being "ambiguous" as your making it out Caudium. I dont follow on the "European-Looking" by American standards statement either.. this isnt the early 1900's when even Irish werent considered European ect.


Coon differentiated the Mediterranean Proper(Short Med./Gracile Med.) from the Atlanto-Mediterranean primarily based on height as I previously stated. Also he believed the Upper Paleolithic types to have been of Neanderthaloid descent and separate from the Mediterranean(which includes its depigmented form, the Nordic).

Yeah Axmud I already said that before, but also check this:

Mediterranean Proper:

Short-statured, dolicho- and mesocephalic form found in Spain, Portugal, the western Mediterranean islands, and to some extent in North Africa, southern Italy, and other Mediterranean borderlands. Its purest present-day racial nucleus is without doubt Arabia. Most of the Cappadocian, isolated in the skeletal material, seems to have been absorbed into the western Mediterranean variety after its early Metal Age migration, while that which remained in Asia Minor became assimilated into the Dinaric and Armenoid. It still appears, however, among individuals in its original form, and is particularly common among Oriental Jews.

The "Mediterranean" racial family is just as "white," in the larger meaning of the word, as the Upper Palaeolithic family. Its chief differences from the latter are: a smaller brain size, a moderate body size, and a lack of the excessive specializations which characterize the northern group. The Mediterranean group seems to be of purely sapiens ancestry, without Neanderthaloid or other mixture.

Before the Neolithic, the principal branches of the Mediterranean family must already have come into existence. Some Mediterraneans were probably white skinned, and others brown; it is also possible that the differences in hair and eye color which so strongly distinguish living Mediterranean sub-varieties had already come into existence.

Mediterranean from Arabia:

A youthful Yemeni from the desert-border tribe of Hadha. Facially he is a perfect example of a refined Mediterranean type; his head length is a little short, his stature a little tall, for the mean. He is a brunet-white in unexposed skin color, brunet in hair and eye color; narrower-faced than any of the Upper Palaeolithic survivors, reduced or unreduced, whom we have seen in the preceding plates. His forehead and jaw are both consistently narrow. It is a characteristic of the Mediterranean race, as of this individual, that the upper face height and nose height are great, no matter how small the other dimensions. Imagine this individual pink-skinned, blue-eyed, and blond-haired, and you will have a close approximation to a Nordic. There is no essential difference between the two races other than pigmentation. Both, however, are separated by a wide racial gap from the Upper Palaeolithic group.

Long-Faced Mediterranean:
Closely similar to the Syrian desert border tribesman is this Afridi from eastern Afghanistan. Its high, narrow cranial vault, in combination with a great facial and nasal height, and its general cast of cranial features makes this type nearly identical with that of the Corded people who invaded Europe from the east toward the beginning of the third millennium B.C.
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