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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Romans settled in iberia

South West Iberia is delimited by the Tagus river (to the north of the Sacred Cape) and the Anas river to the east. The region is populated by the Keltikoiand some Lusitanairesettled there from beyond the Tagus by the Romans. Inland are the Karpētanoi(Madrid region), the Ōrētanoi(La Mancha and easternSierra Morena, and theOuettōnoi (Salamancaregion). The fertile southeast, Baetica(Andalusia region), east of the Baetis river after which it is named, is occupied by theTourdētanoi or Tourdouloi, who have writing and a literature. Other Iberians have alphabets, but not the same, as they do not all use the same languages (glōttai).

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