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Monday, January 21, 2013

Greek and Romans are E1b1b comment

Toronto, Canada

Combining the DNA, the Bible and Roman and Greek Mythology

1) That the E Halopgroup is Hamitic or descendants of Ham (similar to the usage of Jews for Semites using for it the Biblical Character Shem, or similar to the Biblical character Japheth which his descendants now are called Caucasians)

2) I Read a good book called the Faces of the Hamitic People by Khamit Raamah Kush which I found let some light to my Hamitic roots

3) Googled I found that the E-V13 gene pool are Original Roman-Trojan genes (Since Saturn Jupiter and Zeus are associated with Nimrod, a descendant of Cush via Ham, and histories of Nimrod seeking refuge on the 7 hills of Rome and from that point on the Original Romans called him Saturn, Originating the Feast of Saturnilia on December 25)

4) The E-V13 gene root Ancestor was Nimrod the Powerful Hunter Before the Lord also called as well the Orion, Zeus and Jupiter and Saturn etc

5) Ham would be the E Halopgroup ==> Cush (Cronus)= E-M35 ==> Nimrod (Zeus)= E-V13 ==> Dardanus = Dardania ==> Tros = Troy (Trojans)==> Ilus =(Illum) Illyria (Albania)==> Latinus = Latin (the Roman form of the Greek Lateinos) Lateo "to lie hid" or the hidden one)==> Romulos = Founder of the Roman Empire ==> Me an E-V13

6) The Clue for my findings were the Ethiopians and the Yemeni E-M35 as they fit perfectly the Biblical account of Being the descendants of Cush

7) Famous Hamitics E-M35 include Albert Einstein, The wright Brothers, and even Hittler. However looks like throughout history there has been lots of converts of this Hamitic Branch to Judaism which makes 40% of the Jewish Population on the Ashkenazi and Sephardi groups

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