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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ainu people are Greek

great research wahya

just wanted to add that a lot of the words you mentioned have common roots in the ancient hellenic (greek) language

in addition the Ainu decorate their buildings (town hall) and clothing with the ancient symbols of the swastika and hellenic key (as do a numerous ancient buildings/pyramids around the world

as for the timing of the Ainu appearance on the japanese islands you might want to look for evidence (tradition/langage/appearance) of the hellenic diaspora after the altantean/hellenic war resulting in the destruction of the pre-ancient 9000 to 7000 bc hellenic civilation (read SOLON, PLATO) and the sinking of the atlatean peninsula.

I will be posting a more detailed account on the archeological coverups forum

look for signs of the EL (3E)

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