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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

French is beautiful language

Hi everybody!

Even if I am not french, french is my mother tongue , I also speak arabic, spanish and english and I would say, witouh ANY DOUBT, that french is the most beautiful language to say romantic things, and as Celine Dion already said, just before singing s'il suffisait d'aimer: "le français est la plus belle langue pour dire des mots d'amour".
I read arabic, french, spanish and english poetry but when I read it in french, every single word sounds as if it was sung...
I also listen to all kind of musics, even indian music, but when it's in french it makes me quiver.... how can you compare a pour que tu m'aimes encore with a if that´s what it takes. where can you find another Brel or another Aznavour or another Verlaine, Hugo, Musset...?
However, I do love the other languages I speak and I do love English language!

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