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Saturday, December 22, 2012

italian testosterone

Thank you for getting back to me so quickley!
I dont eat red meat, I dont drink coffee or any caffinated products, and the only dairy I eat is a little cheese and ice cream.
I'm also not a weight lifter.
In the past year I have noticed myself getting hair where I didn't before, and getting darker hair where I already had hair.
Does it sound like I could have PCOS?
Whether or not you think I do, how could they figure out if I'm having problems with my ovaries? By doing a ultrasound? Are there other tests?
Thanks again.
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I've recently had some blood work done because I have been missing my cycle since Aug 2006 (has since come back...this week).
I asked my doctor about my test results and it shows that the testosterone in my body was at 3.60 nmol/L and the normal range is 0.20-2.90 nmol/L. I'm obviously above normal range. Are my results extremely high? Can I take some sort of herbs/vitamins that can help lower it? I do not want to take anti hormonal medicine.
Hi Kristie,

Thanks for writing.  I will try to answer your questions but first I have to say that you should consult with a physician or medical professional if you have any health concerns.

Okay, there are several factors to consider when you have a high testosterone level.  In females testosterone is produced by the ovaries, and high levels can be influenced by eating a diet with a lot of red meats, by drinking a lot of coffee or caffeine loaded drinks, or by eating and drinking a lot of dairy products.

Testosterone levels can vary with each individual, and can also be affected by heredity (genetics), or by weight training or weight lifting.  (I have heard of women missing periods during heavy weight training).  So to say whether or not your results are extremely high would be just a guess on my part, since they tend to vary so much in everyone.  

Because levels can vary so much, your level which is only .70 over the normal range, doesn't sound like that much over the top.  So in addition to the missing your cycles, unless you are experiencing hot flashes, excess body hair, anxiety, moodiness, or any other hormonal induced symptoms, it may not be anything to worry about.

Aerobic exercise may help, and cutting down or avoiding the foods and drinks I mentioned above.  But again, unless it is causing you any major adverse symptoms I'm sure you will be just fine.  But if you are overly concerned about it maybe it would be a good idea to see an endocrinologist, or a gynecologist.  Either one can set your mind at ease.

I am not aware of any vitamin or herb that will lower testosterone.  If your body is producing more than normal, and the foods and drinks aren't affecting it, then maybe you are experiencing some kind of hormone imbalance due to some kind of ovarian problem.  Again, a trip to your gynecologist would help to either rule out or discover if this is the cause.  

I hope this answers your question sufficiently, and if I can be of any more help please feel free to write back in a followup question.

Take care,

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Hi Kristie,

Yes, PCOS can cause testosterone levels to increase.  Steroid medication can also cause it to rise, or if you have high levels of insulin in your system.  Are you a diabetic, by any chance ?  And you never mentioned your age ?  Although as you get older and approach menopause your testosterone levels will begin to drop.

Hormone levels can be tested either from blood or saliva.  Ultrasound only gives them a picture and may show up a cyst (PCOS), but will not actually indicate a cause for increased testosterone.

Your heritage could also be a factor.  Being careful not to offend anyone, I would guess that anyone of Italian, Greek, or middle-eastern descent could possibly have higher testosterone levels than, say, someone of scandinavian or other parts of the world.  I know, I am really reaching here.  But I'm just throwing ideas out there since this is a very complex issue it is very hard to nail down the exact cause.  It could also be something as simple as a vitamin or mineral deficiency.  This can be tested by doing a hair follicle analysis.  Usually only alternative practitioners do these types of tests.

The levels of testosterone are usually balanced out by estrogen, so perhaps low estrogen may be the problem.  But again, this points to the ovaries.

Depending on the area of the country you live, there may be a Holistic practioner out there that has some electronic testing and diagnostic equipment that will narrow down the cause of your problem.  I know of such a doctor in Louisville, Ky .

I hope some of this info helps, and I'm sorry that I can't offer more help.  But if you have any more questions please write back and I will try to help.  

Take care,

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