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Saturday, December 22, 2012

italian produce the most testerone level than any other races

Italian Testosterone
May 20, 2005 The author of a wieght training article I have recently read, has made annecdotal references to Italians having higher than average (caucasian) testosterone levels. The people who write these articles are not held liable for any form of accreditation, and can basically express any opinions they have formulated without genuine scientific foundation. Never the less, being Italian myself, this put me on a hunt for fact. I have ran across numerous posts on this website where you have alluded to this "higher than average" predispostion. Where can I go to read more, or find detailed information regarding these testosterone claims based upon ethnicity?
Response from Dr. Frascino
Well, this is an HIV information Web site. As for scientific validation of testosterone variability related to ethnicity, I'd actually have to do a bit of research myself. My comments here were made in jest. (Hopefully, that was obvious). Of course, there is indisputable scientific data confirming, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Italians are hornier than any other ethnic group and that Democrats have (and enjoy) sex much more than Republicans.
Dr. Bob

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