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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Caffeine Increases Testosterone…

Looking for a pre-workout energy boost that can also help jack up your natural testosterone levels? Well just reach for a cup of Joe before you hit the gym!
Bodybuilders and athletes have been know to use caffeine (i.e. caffeine pills, energy drinks, coffee, caffeine & ephedrine stack, etc.) prior to training to help increase mental focus, energy levels, and workout intensity. Basically it gives you a good swift kick in the arse before hitting the gym, we all need one of those from time to time.
But the caffeine is doing more than just increasing energy…
It is also increasing testosterone levels! New Zealand researchers have found that taking caffeine induced higher blood levels of testosterone during weight training.
And of course we all know that higher levels of testosterone helps with muscle growth, recovery, reducing bodyfat, building strength, and increasing sex drive. I’ve always drank a cup of black coffee prior to my workouts for the energy boost, but now it appears that the caffeine may also be helping build more muscle mass due to increased testosterone levels. A nice added perk if you ask me!
(Note: this study was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition Exercise Metabolism 18: 131-141, 2008)

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