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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

berber in various arts

There are testimony of Roman and Greek writers about Berbers been white, also mentioning a blonde people amongst other whites there. Today there are only a remnants of "whites" in north africa, after 1300-1500 years of mixing with arabians and other non-white people from "lower" parts of north-african region. Roman author Apuleius write about Berbers, and he was a Berber himself.

Also berberic people from Roman times were roman emperor Severus and half berber was famous St. Augustine, Severus was the first "african" roman emperor, berber.

Statue of Severus:

Today Berbers make 30% of Morroco population (but have in mind that many of them are also mixed to some degree with arabs,), in Algeria they make 8%-15% of population today, in other words, they are extinct race and people.

This is a berberic painting made 3000 years ago:

Here are some mosaics of people from northern african provinces from time of Roman Empire:
Egyptians showing berberic people (first and third one is showing of berbers, second is Numidian and from lower africa, and 4th is Egyptian):

Also the invasion of Moors on Iberian peninsula was invasion of 90% of berberic islamiazed people on that peninsula, people also forget this fact, Moors who invaded Spain were not some arabic racial people from arabic desert, but islamiazed Berbers under leadership of arabs.

And now, some legend/myths : I was reading long time ago, that Berberic people have an old legend/myth about their origin, I think it's interesting even though I don't believe that Atlantis ever existed, but they really believe by some of their ancient ethno-foklor that they are descendents of Atlantis survivors who settled themselfs in western north africa and some of in area of Spain and Portugal but ofcourse, that's only a myth.

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