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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Usain Bolt Wants To Seriously Play For Manchester United

Usain Bolt usually takes time out from smashing world records to visit his favorite professional football club, Manchester United. In the past, he's talked about playing as a "left-sided defensive midfielder" when he was in high school, but now he's seriously talking about his future as a footballer and not just his past. Get more details on the other side.

Usain Bolt, 24, says in his autobiography:
"Ideally, if I was to play football, I'd sign for my favorite team -- Manchester United. People say it's not realistic but nobody has seen me play so you never know. If Alex Ferguson saw me in one of those charity matches he might think I could replace Ryan Giggs."
According to the Guardian's Simon Hattenstone, Bolt isn't just creating hype to sell his books:

I ask about his ambitions. Ultimately, he says, he'd love to make a go of playing football professionally. He's being deadly serious. One of the perks of being Usain Bolt is that sporting stars love to meet him, so whenever he's travelling and there's time, he tries to train with a top football team. Last year it was Manchester United, a few days ago it was Bayern Munich. He's still carrying a copy of the French sporting newspaper L'Equipe, which features a spread on his football skills and praise from Bayern manager Louis van Gaal. He shows me a photo of himself with his arm wrapped round the dwarfed 6ft German forward Miroslav Klose. "If I keep myself in shape, I can definitely play football at a high level," he says.
Wouldn't it be interesting to see an Usain Bolt's celebration dance after scoring a goal.

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