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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top sprinter Usain Bolt wants to be a footballer

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Usain Bolt tells Ronaldo how to stay on his feet

Sprint king Usain Bolt has revealed that he wants to pursue a second sporting career as a footballer.

The 24-year-old first wants to set a 100m record of 9.4 seconds - a time he says will "probably never be beaten".

Then the Jamaican says he will turn his attention to the beautiful game in about four year's time.

"I'm definitely a good player - a defensive or attacking midfielder," the Olympic 100m and 200m champion told BBC 5 live's Sportweek programme.

Bolt, a Manchester United fan, believes he has what it takes to make a name for himself on the pitch.

"I always watch those guys and I think I could be a professional footballer," he told Sportsweek.

"I'd like to play football for two years. Maybe I could get into a good side or even an average side."

Usain Bolt does keepy-uppys

Bolt attempts a few keepy-ups for Newsround

Earlier in the week, Bolt told CBBC Newsround that had he not made it in athletics he would have been a cricketer.

"I was playing cricket one day and my coach said, 'You know what? Try track and field', because I was running pretty quickly."

On a more serious note, Bolt spoke of what he believes is the growing reputation of athletics for dealing with drugs cheats.

"In track and field they're doing a really good job of catching the cheats, so it's hard to cheat.

"It will get cleaner and will be back to a sport with no problem. We need nothing but time."

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