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Saturday, September 25, 2010

edition in south korea about football in wikipedia

[[Football]] is the most popular spectator sport in korea. [ the most popular spectator sport is football in Korea] According to the research, Football ranked 1st as most preffered spectator sports and [[Baseball]] ranked 2nd. 56.7 percent of people stated that [[Football]] is their favorite spectator sport and 19.1 percent of people said that [[Baseball]] is their favorite spectator sport. [ research about the most popular spectator sport in Korea]. regular national football match attracts over 35 percent of whole TV viewers in average. during [[2002 FIFA World Cup]], 83 percent of TV viewers watched the football match. that is the most highest record in history of Korean TV ratings. European football leagues are also very popular spectator leagues in korea. [[K-league]] is Korean professional football league.
In the [[2002 FIFA World Cup]], jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan, the [[Korea Republic national football team|national football team]] became the first team in the [[Asian Football Confederation]] to reach the semi-finals. The Korea Republic team (as it is known) has qualified for every World Cup since [[1986 FIFA World Cup|Mexico 1986]], and has broken out of the group stage twice: first in 2002, as above, and second in [[2010 FIFA World Cup|2010]], where it was defeated by [[Uruguay national football team|Uruguay]] in the Round of 16.

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