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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Salt is Essential to Life

Salt is Essential to Life

Though in today's modern world we are warned about the dangers of salt, in fact, 
salt is essential to life.

Salt is necessary not only for humans but for animals and plants as well. Salt is 
required, along with water, to activate cells in all plant and animal life. Bodies are 
able to endure periods without food, but without both salt and water, living cells 
quickly perish from dehydration.

Since the beginning of human civilization, the obtaining of salt has shaped history. 
So important was salt that populations went to war over rights to procure salt from 
abundant areas. So valuable was salt that Roman soldiers were given a salarium--a 
"salt allowance"--as part of their pay. This is the origin of the word salary, which 
now applies to all of our wages for work.

The adult human body contains about four ounces of salt. Without enough salt, 
muscles don't contract, blood doesn't circulate, food doesn't digest, and hearts 
don't beat.

Our bodies lose salt all day long as water leaves the body in the forms of 
perspiration and urine. Low salt levels in the body can produce muscle cramps, 
nausea, vomiting and dizziness, and eventually, a lack of salt can lead to shock, 
coma and death.

And so salt needs to be replenished in our bodies on a daily basis.


There is no lack of salt in our modern diet. Processed foods are heavily salted, so 
much so that many people get more salt than their bodies really need. Too much 
salt can contribute to high blood pressure and other common ills.

But the salt that is commonly sold as table salt and used in processed foods is not 
the salt that our bodies need. Table salt is a highly refined substance containing 
only sodium and chloride. What our bodies need is natural unrefined salt made up 
of all elements of the Earth--all the minerals and trace elements that compose life. 
These same minerals and trace elements are also found in the human body, as both 
natural salt and the human body are but different forms made of the same essential 
building blocks of life.

In order to maintain health, we need to replenish our bodies with the substances 
that it needs. Our bodies need sodium, chloride, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, 
magnesium, potassium, calcium chromium manganese, iron, zinc, and many more 
minerals and elements, yet ordinary refined table salt provides only sodium and 
chloride. Without all the elements needed for health, bodies quickly degenerate and 
become ill. Even if our bodies have enough sodium and chloride, they can still be 
missing other minerals and elements that are vital to life.

If our bodies are to have good health, it is essential to include natural, unrefined, 
living salt in our diets, just as nature intended.


In ancient times, the kitchen was the domain of women. It was considered a sacred 
and magical place, where the alchemy of women changed the character and form of 
raw ingredients to fulfill their purpose as nourishment.

As a purveyor of natural living salt, I receive many letters from satisfied customers 
who tell me how including whole, unrefined salt in their diets have improved their 
health. This letter also tells the story of the importance of salt in a more traditional 
culture than our own.

"I have been taking the salt for the past few months...incredible. I 
cannot do without it. My body, spirit and mind function far more 
effectively. I find, that if for some reason I miss taking it for a 
spell, the balance shifts.

"I spent some time in Kashmir (just before the war), and had a wonderful experience 
with the salt.

"The women of the house I was connected to (I lived on one of the boats nearby) 
came to me one evening, saying that they had a special secret they wanted to share. 
They took me into their kitchen, which was considered to be sacred ground. It was 
an old house with earthen floors, and the whole kitchen, including the oven, was all 
built of mud.

"They very reverently took me through to what was 
obviously a secret, special place, and into what I can only describe 
as a 'cave' hollowed out in the mud. I saw what seemed to be a very 
large rock, covered in hessian sacks. They very slowly removed the 
sacks, all the time expressing obvious veneration and revealed a HUGE 
pink crystal. 'This is salt,' they said in broken English. 'You must 
have this... always. It is the elixir of life. Find it when you go 
back to your world.'

"It wasn't until recently, as I was idly searching the internet for something to assist 
me, that I very quickly found you.

"Anna West"

Today, when our bodies become ill, we look for a remedy. But often the problem is 
that we have forgotten the basics. There is nothing more essential to life than salt 
and water. They are also essential to good health.

Hilde Bschorr is the Owner of Himalayan Living Salt, an online purveyor of natural, unrefined, living salt products.

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