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Monday, March 31, 2014

Portuguese has only 4 percent north african blood and rest dark haired people are roman descents from italia

People are very ignorant...

First: North Africans are white. See? She's Egyptian:…

Second: their impact in Portugal is 4%, I don't know about Spain

Third: Spain and Portugal are two of the oldest countries in Europe, the Iberians were brunette, so if you want to say we are "less European" because some of us are a little tinny bit darker, that's complete nonsense

Fourth: our summers are very hot and the winters are not that cold, so we get tanned and we stay tanned, pretty much

Fifth: we are not as dark as you seem to think, but whatever...

By the way, some troll with no life is stalking me, so don't me suprised if I get thumbs down for saying the truth.

Jul 14 at 22:8

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