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Monday, May 27, 2013

Various subclades of E1b1b

The E haplogroup, like all groups have various sub clades.V22 and V12 being prevelant among people of Jewish decent, E-M81 is called the "Berber Marker" as it is found in overwhelming numbers among those peoples. My marker, V13, dubbed the "Balkan"marker is found in high numbers among Bulgarians,Greeks,Serbs,Romanians and Hungarians,but at the highest numbers in the Albanian community.
Some other notables carrying the V13 marker are former President Lyndon Johnson and George Stepahaopolis.
While family members of Adolf Hitler have tested positive for E, his haplogroup has not been determined, if it has, it has not been made public. If it was found to be V12 or V22, that would point to Jewish ancestory. It is is found to be V13, this could point to decent from a Balkan soldier in Roman service, there are numerous German V13's. Or it could have found it's way from the Balkans to Germany via the Danube. There are V13 hot spots aong the Danube as well as the Black Sea coast into the Ukraine. Two of the possibilities for it's spread into Iberia is via Thracian \Pannonian soldiers who are well documented as being cavalry units in Spain during the Asturian \ Cantabrian wars. The other is via the Visigothic movements out of the Balkans into Spain. The Visigoths were not themselves V13 people, but there is strong evidence to suggest that Dacian and Thracians also made the long trek into SPain with them. The Visigoths were not a homogenous people, rather a confederation of many tribes. The Greeks could have also contributed, but the dates of the samples don't quite match the period in which the Greeks were known to have been in Southern Iberia.
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