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Thursday, May 2, 2013

take longer to graduate and take less credits the amount you can pay for college

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My college only gave me loans for financial aid what do i do?
I don't know what happened these are for my second year of college, and I'm kinda afraid as to how I am going to pay these off when I graduate. Neither of my parents have worked for a year and I even have to give them money once a month from my minimum wage job. I Barely have enough to pay off my first year and they actually gave me grants...

Do I have any options here? I originally thought of joining the military so I can get my college paid off but my parents didn't want me to do this. I know it seems cliche but I feel so trapped by all financial responsibility.

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    9/3/2013 9/3/2013
    1.switch to a community college for a year or two. theyre cheaper,have more class times, and smaller class sizes.
    2. take longer to graduate and take less credits,the amount you can pay for.
    3.apply for scholarships.there are scholarships for being from a certain culture,for being left handed,etc.
    4.get a second job,or,better, make your parents get their own jobs and support themselves.
    5.speak to your finaid counselor about your situation.
        2 hours ago
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