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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Federer's terrible return game after mono virus

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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
Re the wimbledon finals in 2007/2008 :

IMO, the 2007 final was a slightly better one quality wise, though the 2008 final had way more drama ..

federer definitely played better in the 2007 final ........ nadal played better from the baseline in the 2007 final than in the 2008 final, but he served better in the 2008 final .. I'd say overall he was marginally better in the 2008 final ...

But if someone was mainly concentrating on the rallies, I could see why they could possibly say nadal played better in the 2007 final

( oh and nadal being mentally weaker in 2007 is plain BS )
I wonder how much your view of Nadal serving much better had a lot to do with Federer's terrible return game. On second serves on break point Federer was slicing it into the net fairly often. Federer has never had that much trouble with the Nadal serve outside clay before or since.

I agree though the 2008 had the greater drama. The 2009 final was another high quality match. The shot making from both men was unbelievable.

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