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Monday, May 6, 2013

latino people don't help each other like the asians and that's why we don't succeed

How many chances does a non-English speaker have of getting a job in US?
Ok, this is the issue, I came here with my mom (42), my aunt (31), and my cousin (8). Only 3 of us can work but I'm the only one who speaks English. My mom and her sister have been denied many jobs because of their poor English skills. When their dad (my grandpa) moved here he almost didn't speak anything in English! 20 years later he knows the same... almost nothing, and he got the job!. I know I have to help my family but I'm very bad at teaching.

    3 years ago
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In this economy, many people who speak English couldn't find a job. So it would be hard for people who don't speak English. But it's not impossible to find jobs for non-English speakers. There are jobs that don't require alot of English but depend whether you're willing to take them such laborious jobs like dishwashing persons, cooks, kitchen helpers, buspersons, hotels housekeepers, cashiers and landscaping jobs(trimming grass and trees).

    3 years ago
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    That's what we're trying to do, we all speak Spanish and I'm helping them with the job search but they say she has to speak English (maybe to have a talk with the vaccumm cleaner or the mop). What I see is that many latino people don't help each other like the asians and that's why we don't succeed.

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    MVD34 MVD34
    Poor if you are only looking for jobs that go through hiring channels dominated by native English speakers.

    The key is for them to go through the channels within their own community based in America. In other words, focus on people who speak your language as employers and as people who can show you employers who welcome workers with less proficient English.
        3 years ago
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    kapn kapn
    None..........unless its a Spanish speaking language............then hotel, restaurant or some service industry may have lead people to translate...........consider this...........

    .There are thousand and thousands of talented, experience people on the street due to the economy…the competition for any job is extreme. …people will do anything for much less just to feed their kids……..I don’t expect it to get any better before 2012……
        3 years ago

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