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Saturday, January 15, 2011

You can do your squats as fast as you want, it makes ZERO difference

You clearly have not learned the first thing about lifting, any type of heavy lifting is fast twitch. In other words, you're 100% wrong on this.

You can do your squats as fast as you want, it makes ZERO difference, under heavy resistance it's fast twitch B fibers contracting. By squatting slowly, you are increasing strength and this allows greater force application while in the drive phase as well as greater force application overall.

In fact if you are squatting really fast, you are using too light weight and wont develop the necessary strength, or you'd be using really light weight for jump squats. But where is the strength base and how is it going to develop if you dont do any max strength training?

Power is also greatly based on mass and strength, however as I said, it is all about strength to mass ratio, you are moving your own body weight, therefore how much force you apply to the ground is important but if you're too heavy and not strong enough for your body weight, you wont be moving your mass quick enough.

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