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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Michael Jordan media hype

MJ being GOAT is media hype?
Is it safe to say that Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball because of all the media hype he gotten?

Its obvious that players such as Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, and Kareem Abdul’s accomplished more than Michael Jordan did. And what more is that during their careers they still dominated and took their less-stellar teams to deep play-off runs than MJ and won MVPs.

MJ practically did NOTHING without Pippen, meanwhile Wilt Chamberlain was simply the cornerstone of the NBA single-handly winning a championship. Kareem Abdul’s won a championship with the Bucks with NO all-star teammate. After Kareem retired Magic still continued to dominant and take his team to deep play-off runs until his early retirement.

BTW Wilt would easily outclass anyone in today’s NBA. Wilt was not simply a product of a era, Wilt would be considered a world-class athlete even in today’s standards, a better athlete than LEBRON JAMES! Check out his combine stats while he attended KU, 40 yard dash was in the mid 4s, vertical was in the high 30s, and he was setting school records in long jump. Wilt even lead the league in assists simply because his coach told him to get the team more involved. He may not get the same bloated stats, but you cant seriously tell me he would get 30 pts / 15 rebounds/ 5+ assists a night if he could be summoned in his prime in today’s NBA.

P.S. How did Michael exactly “change” the game? If it wasnt for Pippen he woulda just been another all-star player. Having the media ride your jock doesnt mena you changed the game, it means you were marketable, which is all find and dandy but it does NOT make you a better player. Michael Jordan without question is a top 5 all-time kinda player, but to label him as the undisputed basketball god is ignorant.
@Adam you borderline retard, did I even mention Kobe in this question? Gtfo and read before you say something ignorant like that again.
@Darth Vader Ok so I may have mistaken and forgot about Oscar Robertson, but a VERY old Oscar. How does not having a 3pt back then take away Wilt’s amazing athleteism and obviously being superior than 90% of all NBA players? So what if jordan was a olympian? So was Charles Barkley but would you say he’s a GOAT? Its a known fact Jordan did very little until the arrival of Pippen. You obviously dont understand basketball and a Jordan Jocker as your arguements hold little to NO value with the exception of correction of me forgetting Oscar Robertson. Jordan couldnt even escape the 1st round without Pippen. 95% of what you said was already known and redundent infomation

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