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Saturday, January 15, 2011

basketball vertical

It would have to be an olympic Volleyball player of some sort. Those guys are ridiculous with verticals. Also, contrary to popular belief, NBA players do not have high verticals and almost all of them are under 40″. NFL players actually have higher verts than NBA players and track and field sprinters(nationally or world ranked) have higher verticals also.

Think about it, if Lebron really had the 44″ vert they say he has, he would be able to stand under the goal flat footed and leap and get his head 4″ over the rim. He might be able to do that, and I respect his jumping ability, however the numbers that people throw around are blown up. MJ’s real vert at the Birmingham Barrons in 1993 was 38″, that was right out of basketball so don’t say he was out of shape or something.

Leonel Marshal from cuba actually does have close to a 50″ vertical. Go watch some videos on youtube, and remember the volleyball net they play on is around 8′. Also Michael Wilson from the globe trotters was pretty amazing.

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