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Saturday, April 18, 2015

football has more tv viewers in china than basketball

190000000 people watched the CBA finals record

CBAThe CBA finals “Jing Liao war” has just ended, the discussion about the finals of the all kinds of still more than temperature reduction. In March 23rd, a group of data from the media research institutions proof of this series is worth is known as the “20 best” title.
According to the ratings data CSM media research shows that the CBA finals TV ratings data just completed another record high, in a total of 191000000 viewers tuned in to the six finals CBA. This year’s NBA Finals averaged 17430000 per minute of the viewing audience, compared with 2014, averaging 11570000 per minute of the viewing audience, growth rate as high as 50%.
“Professional in the field of sports,
CBA occupies an important position”
It is reported that in the just concluded sixth games in the CBA finals, the country has nearly 60000000 people watched the game through the broadcast channel, the average per minute about 19000000 people.
Compared to other viewing area, two finals team located in Beijing and Liaoning, receiving data is more evident. Beijing local nearly 45% visitors (nearly 6000000 people) through the CCTV5 and the Beijing sports channel to watch the CBA finals; and in Liaoning, there are nearly 42% of the local audience (over 17500000 people) through the CCTV5 and the Liaoning sports channel to watch the CBA finals.
Of course, this finals is not only attracted Beijing and Liaoning fans. According to CSM media research ratings data display, like Guangdong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu and other regions of the audience and not for the local team to cheer the opportunity, but to watch the CBA finals enthusiastic, audience number is as high as 13%~23%, this has to a certain extent, reflect the China audiences love for basketball project.
“In many ways, the CBA finals and achieved very good results in terms of television viewing.” CSM Media Research Co., sports and media research department director Pierre Justo concluded, “finals made ratings success is likely to be in the annual sports program in the top ten, all these indicate that in the Chinese professional sports field, CBA plays a positive and important position, but also to show the Chinese people for the love of basketball.”
“Fresh game to attract people”
“Jing Liao war” can produce such high ratings, but also benefited from the series itself unique factors. “Fresh game to attract people. Fans like new, suspense game.” CCTV basketball commentator Yu Jia tells morning paper the reporter, “although Beijing four years won three champions, but every year the opponents are not the same. Guangdong and Xinjiang have such traditional teams, a big black horse Liaoning this season have sample. This is also the fans expect to see the game.”
And the reason why this finals so full of suspense, but also benefited from the two teams of high level player. “First of all, Marbury and Hodson are foreign top CBA League, they are of great interest to natural fans will cause the duel.” To Scarlett, added, “then the two teams of the domestic players are also very good, gathered a large number of Guozihao players. Because both sides diamond cut diamond, to remind the game of suspense.”
Of course, in addition to the game itself, the core players packaging also let “Jing Liao wars” full of eye degree. “From eight one to Shanghai, and then to Guangdong, actually these battle is very exciting, but this year for the key players of the package and render more strong.” “Basketball vanguard” deputy editor in chief Meng Xiaoqi said, “it is because the two teams are the league’s top foreign aid, so such heroism story is more popular with the fans.”
But for the finals to attract in addition to a large number of fans outside of Beijing and Liaoning, but also because the fans expect Liaoning to create the new record. “The team Beijing strength beyond reproach, has many fans, of course, in other places where there are not many people like them.” Star Sports Basketball commentator Chen Shengyin said, “like the Lakers always has very high ratings, a big part of the reason is some people who don’t like the Lakers fans who want to see their defeat.”
It seems that in the inner circle, it is a collection of these unique factors, created a historical record ratings to create the finals.
Viewership almost Asian Cup
Although this season, the League CBA from the introduction of new regulations, the referee to fight, have attracted many fans criticized, but did not affect the enthusiasm of fans watching the finals.
If a single from the digital you still cannot feel the CBA finals attention how high, so when it and other events together and made a comparison, you can feel the enthusiasm of CBA.
In 2015 the most popular with fans concerned is undoubtedly the country foot team at the Asian cup. According to CSM media research ratings data display, Chinese group stage three wins, has accumulated more than 100000000 China audience through the domestic each have the right to broadcast channel to watch the 2015 Asian Cup finals; and in the elimination match against Australia, according to CCTV5’s highest rated to reach 4.16%, an audience of up to 142000000, after the world cup in Brazil.
On social networks, just past the CBA finals heat is in no way inferior to the country foot in Asian cup. According to statistics, this year the country foot in Asian Cup in the blog with the reading quantity is as high as 330000000, the related discussion up to 70000 times, and this year the CBA finals “Jing Liao wars” reading content as high as 210000000 related discussion up to 418000 times.
Compared with the USA NFL “super bowl”, viewing data this year CBA finals does not lag far behind. According to the Nbc National Broadcasting Company NBC statistics, just the end of the forty-ninth session of the “super bowl” with an average of 100000000 to 14400000 passengers audience, this is already the history of television America on an all-time record.
Operation of CBA infront Chinese chairman Ma Guoli said: “this is the steady development of CBA League in the course of a milepost hour, also is the inevitable result of CBA League influence is enlarging year by year. For the CBA League sponsorship brand, business partners, and the China’s most influential market, at the same time steadily rising sports together, the rewards is also strong and persistent.”

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