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Saturday, December 13, 2014

when quake live stuck at still awaiting challenge, use this command

[–]Tjjemp0r 2 점3 점  (개 답글 0)
do a /web_reload until friend list pops up
They are trying to resolve the issue

[–]superfrenchdude 1 점2 점  (개 답글 0)
/reconnect. If it doesn't work, try /web_reload and then try to join again

[–]moon-bear 0 점1 점  (개 답글 0)
Me too buddy. Me too. :(

[–]cplax15 0 점1 점  (개 답글 0)
Yep. Same here. Happened to me last week as well.

[–]SCphotog 0 점1 점  (개 답글 0)
I have to run the executable twice as of late... and then once I do get into the game, I get stuck at the await screen... restarting the application usually fixes it.
Frustrating, but it still works with a bit of dilligence.
Now if I could just find a server with a decent ping... or if I could keep the LPB's out of mine... sheesh.
You folks with pings under 30 piss me off. Because I want a good ping too.

[–]debianite 0 점1 점  (개 답글 0)
So that's why there was no one playing instagib with me at lunch :(

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