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Saturday, January 3, 2015

roman came from euboea comment

The reason many Greek letters are similar to Latin is because the Latin alphabet is the old Greek alphabet which the Latins learned from Euboean  settlers at a time when the Latins could not read and write.
Hello History Lover,

Yes, the Greek alphabet was the base of the Roman (Latin) alphabet. The Greek alphabet in general looks like an intimidating writing system, but with some study you will realise that many letters looks similar to the Roman alphabet. We hope you are enjoying these videos. You will find the complete series on

간략히  ·  번역
You don't understand. The Roman alphabet is not simply based on the Greek alphabet, the Roman alphabet is the old Greek Alphabet. F is digamma, L is the old form of Λ etc. I have no need watching your videos since I can speak Greek quite fluently thank you.

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