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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why do Italians, Greeks, Spaniards and Latinos look so similar? comment

I have noticed that there is a tremendous overlap between these four ethnic groups of people. Now, I know you might say that Latin Americans are mixed race, but I have noticed that many Latinos except for the PURE Indians or people with alot of African ancestry could pass as Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, etc. Think about all the movies where Latinos are cast as Southern Europeans and vice versa. In Scarface, Al Pacino, an Italian American, played a Cuban. Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia was cast as a Greek in the biography of Aristotle Onassis, and Cuban American Andy Garcia played an Italian in Godfather III. Edward James Olmos, Mexican American, has also been cast as Italian. My question is why is there such an overlap in the phenotypes of Italians,Greeks, Spaniards and Latinos?

James Crawley Maximus Meridius answered 3 years ago
Latinos have a Spanish background the Spaniards have Greek and Roman ancestry in them that's why Latinos Italians Greeks and Spaniards look so similar Latinos not all of them look Spanish the majority of Latinos look Mestizo a mixture of White and American Indian ancestry but a lot of Latinos have White Black and American Indian ancestry some Latinos look Spanish some Latinos look Italian and some Latinos look Greek Latinos not all of them have Spanish ancestry some Latinos have Italian ancestry and some Latinos have Greek ancestry Argentines are Latinos Argentines mostly have Spanish but a lot of Argentines have Italian ancestry because there is a lot of Italian surnames in Argentina Dominicans are Latinos but a lot of them are Mestizo Zambo a mixture of White Black and American Indian ancestry Brazilians are not Latinos they have a Portuguese background Brazilians like Dominicans are Mestizo Zambo are mixture White Black and American Indian ancestry.

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