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Monday, November 10, 2014

southern chinese, burmese, northern vietnamese are one southern chinese race

Why do Burmese, Northern Vietnamese, and Southern Chinese look so alike at every thing??

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I'm American and i had been in several Asian countries.

One thing that im really curious is that why do native Burmese, Southern Chinese, and Northern Vietnamese they look so a like including their eyes shape, skin tone, and their body shapes??

I think they all should be put in one race.. Especially native Burmese and Yunnanese people from China they even speak the same language which is (tibetan- Burman) language

Why do people put them in separate races? Also, Southern China are much closer to Vietnam and Burma than Northern China.

when i say Burmese I only refer to native Burmese, it doesn't include (Burmese Indian, Burmese Khmer, and Burmese Rohingya).

I think all native Burmese, Northern Vietnamese, and Southern Chinese should be put in one race and i think they should even need to create a new nation..
Walter B answered 12 months ago
  • Vietnamese are ethnically Chinese from the southwest of Shanghai province and were moved south to the Red River Delta around 1800-2000 years ago Even the dialect of Vietnamese is sub-dialect of the Shanghai dialect. There are also many other ethnic groups in northern Vietnam and all are from China whilst some of the Montagnards are ethnically "Champa" from the old Champa kingdom of Cambodia.

    Which Southern Chinese?" (Yunnan, Hainan, Guangxi or Guangdong) True, many of the southern Chinese are related ethnically although their dialects are different.

    Which ethnic group in Myanmar (Burma) are you talking about? There are a number of ethnic groups with many being derived from south and southwest of China. Many "Burmans" are ethnically Mon-Khmer which is indigenous to the area and derived from when Cambodia ruled most of eastern Burma during the period of the Khmer Empire.
    At the end of the Chinese Civil War when the Kuomintang fled mainland Chins in 1949, some went and settled in northern Burma and were prominent in the Opium trade with the American CIA. These were supposed to have been resettled into Taiwan but instead the nationalists sent local ethnic Shans etc in their place.

    Also, please remember that there have been a lot of intermarriage between ethnic grouos even though Nam Viets (Vietnamese) say they hate Chinese or that Cambodians and Vietnamese hate each other.

    Each ethnic groups have their own language or sub-dialect and certainly there are differences with food styles, style of dress, music and cultures.


    A former TV news cameraman and journalist with over 30 years in the industry in Australia and Southeast Asia.
    Curently a retired SE Asian historian.

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