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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The hair color of Alexander the great was black to brown

What Color was Alexander the Great's Hai

The Hair color of Alexander the Great was Brown to Black.. as so indicated by the Mosaic of Pompey, which was as is indicated by some, itself a copy of a painting done to Alexander by Apelles, while Alexander was in his youth and alive and well.. Apelles was not only a contemporary of Alexander and His father, Philip.. but also painted Alxander where he is holding Rods of lightning... and so the Mosaic is very faithful to the real hair color of Alexander given the fact that the Slavics of that area today, are mainly Dark haired people.. the same can be said about the skintone of Alexander, for in the mosaic of Pompey, as a copy of Apelles's painting who met Him.. Alexader is shown as Olive skinned, with large Mediterranean Dark eyes.. not that different than the Persians that he is fighting.... Those that say that he is "Blond and blue eyed" are too influenced by Hollywood's view of Alexander and not by Archaeology... are worse yet.. Nordicist, Racial fantasies...

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