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Thursday, May 8, 2014

france is southern europe

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Depending of the country:

- In Asia (Japan, HongKong), people classify every "white" person as "westerner". I didn't felt that people there could make a real difference, just assuming I am European (probably because I didn't spoke English well).
- In Africa, I was seen immediatly as French, as it was in Senegal, where amost all white people are french.
- In northern Europe (UK, Netherland, Germany, Scandinavia) I have been usually thought to be Spanish or Italian, since in those countries many people don't realise that France is also (even if it is at least partly) a southern European country. As such, since I have a mediterranean look, many people didn't though I was french. Excepted in Sweden, where I had been immediadly recognised as french.
-In Spain, I am usually immediatly spotted as french as soon I speak. My strong french accent in Spanish is probably for something (I not speaking I pass quite well for a local). In Barcelona, many times people spoke to me directly in french instead of Spanish (the anti-castillan catalan pride maybe)
- In Italy I am usually seen as French also.
- In the US, many times it is "from a European country" without knowing wich one.
but most of the time people recognise well french accent, and as such guessed as french or sometimes I've been asked if I was french Canadian. Usually mistaken for being from an spanish-speaking country, included by hispanic themselves (people always talked to me in Spanish in Florida and California, before I spoke back to them with my strong french accent.

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